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College students are faced with many different challenges and through this study I wanted to investigate the impact having a part-time job had on full-time college students' mental health. The main goal of this study was to help me decide if getting a part-time job would be beneficial or detrimental to my mental health. Research was conducted using the USU library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary sources. For this study, professor and student point of views on the subject were taken into account to create a well-rounded argument. Through my research, I have found that getting a job can be beneficial for mental health if you don't go overboard on the hours. Professionals recommend no more than 15 hours per week and creating a prioritized schedule to help balance the workload. Universities have a responsibility to create mental health programs to support their students in all aspects of their education.

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balanced workload, college students, mental health, part-time jobs


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How College Students' Mental Health is Impacted by Working