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My research question was how does growing up in white spaces affect my thoughts about my Hispanic/Latinx community? This project aims to highlight and bring forward just some of the effects white America has on people in minority groups. My research was conducted using internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. I also used my personal experience as a resource and interviewed some of my close family members and friends in the same community. I will argue that predominantly white America has affected my thoughts on my community of Hispanics/Latinx. Many people of all different races and ethnicities have felt ashamed of their roots and people have to learn how to be proud of where they came from. It is essential to know that what most of them feel is because of the white gaze, discrimination, and being under-represented. I feel like we can do so much if we eliminate the white gaze and eliminate all the stigmas and stereotypes that surround the different minority groups and can get rid of the adverse mental health that sticks around with us since we were just children. By eliminating I mean that people of these racial minority groups need to gain confidence in their backgrounds and be proud of who they are. And white America needs to learn to be accepting of other races and acknowledge their privilege.

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Logan, UT


Latinx community, minority groups, white America, white gaze


Arts and Humanities

White America Effects My Thoughts on My Hispanic/Latinx Community