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Investigating the Color-Changing Properties of Poly-Phenyl Sulfide Dallen DeWaal, Megan Loveland DeWaal, Heather Allen, JR DennisonMaterials Physics Group, Physics Department, Utah State UniversityAbstractWhile preparing samples of FortronTM PPS (poly-phenyl sulfide) for spacecraft charging testing, it was discovered that the polymeric dielectric material exhibits color-changing properties from mechanical forces while shearing and bending. Given enough time, PPS reverts from blue-green back to its original tan color. PPS samples were characterized by the magnitude of color change and recovery time. PPS samples were subjected to multiple tests to discover which forms of energy input activate the color change, and which (if any) affect the recovery time constant. These tests evaluated mechanical energy by exerting pressure with an arbor press, thermal energy by heating in an oven, and electromagnetic energy through UV irradiation. Previous studies of similar polymers suggest that introducing mechanical energy to a ring-based polymer through pressure, bending, or pressing causes a reversible ring opening reaction, producing a change in color.Dallen DeWaal, Megan Loveland DeWaal, JR Dennison, "Investigating the Color-Changing Properties of Poly-Phenyl Sulfide," USU Student Research Symposium, Logan, UT, December 8, 2022.

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Logan, UT


color-changing properties, polymers, poly-phenyl sulfide, spacecraft charging testing


Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Investigating the Color-Changing Properties of Poly-Phenyl Sulfide