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Is the current model of music streaming sustainable? I wanted to learn what problems were plaguing the music industry due to streaming. I searched to find benefits to streaming, how streaming affects artists, and how streaming affects consumers. The research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. I looked at articles published by active music journal sites, as well as sites like the New York Times, which interviewed artists affected directly by streaming. I found many problems that come with streaming, and most of these problems directly affect the artists involved. Revenue distribution is the most apparent problem with streaming in the music industry. Labels take the most amount of money from artists' streams, and services take a generous amount of well, leaving the artists with pennies on the dollar. Small artists are negatively affected by algorithms and the minuscule amount of revenue. My research shows that there needs to be a drastic change in the streaming model to better benefit the artists.

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Logan, UT


algorithms, miniscule revenue, music streaming, sustainable industry


Arts and Humanities

Music Streaming: Artists, Labels, and Revenue