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Elderly drivers are not as big of a danger on the road as the general population believes. This was preliminary research into the significance of elderly drivers on the road and the statistical data on whether they are a hazard on the road. They are among the minority of people that are in car accidents and most elderly people still on the road are more experienced and drive safer to compensate for ailments they may experience from their age. Elderly that can not drive safely or can pose a hazard on the road usually remove themselves from driving or are restricted by the law long before they can become a hazard on the road. Overall elderly people are a minor portion of the dangerous drivers on the road and their reputations as bad drivers are exaggerated to the point of falsehood.

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Logan, UT


driving ability, elderly drivers, road hazard, stigma


Physical Sciences and Mathematics

The Stigma Against Elderly Drivers and an Analysis of the Effects of Age on Driving Ability