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According to the CDC, one in every six boys and one in every four girls are sexually assaulted before they are eighteen. While most everyone agrees that childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is extremely harmful and can really disrupt a child's development, what they don't realize is how long the effects can last. For many survivors, they struggle with the effects for most of their lives. Just as there is a wide range for what actions are sexual abuse, there is even wider range for the effects and challenges that are left behind after the incident. These challenges include mental, emotional, and physical consequences that survivors are left to battle for a long time. Some survivors may deal with physical pain but haven't had to face eating disorders while others live with depression but haven't struggled with substance abuse. Every incident of abuse is unique and different from the next, so proper healing and coping is also going to be very unique for each individual.

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childhood sexual abuse, healing, lasting effects, sexual abuse survivors


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Lasting Effects