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I was Looking into what major would fit me the better between the medical field and psychology because I needed to decide what to major in so that I can begin the journey to my bachelors degree. I looked into the different career paths that I wanted to pursue at Utah state where i did most of my research through internet sources where I located primary and secondary sources to inform my decision. For this I looked into current requirements and career paths to help persuade my decision. This research led me to believe that psychology is a better fit for me whereas the medical field would lead to lots of stress and poses a problem when it comes to physical injuries or deformities. The most important things that persuaded me were personal experiences with my family, my own personal values, and the different fields and careers that I could take inside of the medical and psychological field. I concluded that the psychology field is the better fit for me because it fits the best with my personal values and the medical field does not sound like it would work the best for me.

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Logan, UT


bachelor's degree, major choice, personal experiences, psychology


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The Choice of My Degree