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I have always been fascinated by music and its ability to help myself focus and influence my mood. I never knew there was a specific therapy based on music itself. Originally I had planned to make an essay around if music was helpful for dementia research, which sadly was proven to be one hundred percent true and there was no room for an argument. In response I looked more into music therapy, and realized just how viable this form of therapy is. I personally evaluated around 20 sites worth of material, this allowed me to form a strong idea of why this therapy is a strong alternative to regular therapy. Music Therapy is not only a fantastic form of therapy, but it can be a better alternative to regular therapy in the right circumstances. These could be mental health, financial, or a swath of other issues. After contemplating this subject, I would love to dive deeper into the personal interactions people have had in this form of Therapy.

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Logan, UT


dementia research, music therapy, personal interactions, therapy alternative


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Music Therapy as an Alternative to Traditional Therapy