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Identity is one of the most significant aspects of an individual's life. Your identity affects how you see yourself and how others see you. An individual's identity is very complex and many factors contribute to the formation of their identity. Considering this, this prompted the question; What are some of the biggest factors of identity formation and why are they important? Looking through various scientific papers as well as the experiences of individuals, I have come to the conclusion that sexual orientation, gender identity, personal circumstance, and lived experience are among the more significant factors of identity formation. They are significant because they affect the way that you perceive and interact with the world around you, as well as your position within society. While I have come to the conclusion that these factors are important, identity is certainly not defined by or limited to these aspects of an individual. Identity formation is a process that is not completed until adulthood, and these are all important considerations when considering another individual and thinking about your own identity formation.

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identity formation, individual experience, personal identity, societal position


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Born or Lived: Forming Personal Identity