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There have been many advances in space and its research recently. With the increase of rocket launches over the years and a more concrete emphasis in space reasearch. NASA has been planning on replacing once of its most influential satellites, the International Space Station, with Commercial Low-Earth-Orbit Destinations (CLDs) which plan on opening space to a greater commercial market. This study aims to understand whether this transfer to CLDs will be good. Research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research related to the International Space Station, CLDs, and the future plans that NASA has created. Analysis has shown that there are many positives to the commercialization process and the negatives are being researched to resolve. An increase in research and technological development is shown and a new market with new innovations created by competition. The results say that the commercialization of space will have positive outcomes that will benefit humanity. Based on this, people should be less scared of this transition to CLDs. There will need to be continued awareness of the problems caused by increased commercialization, but new research and technologies are being developed to lessen these problems.

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Logan, UT


commercialization, competition, space, technological development


Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Commercialization of Space