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My presentation is on the Isolation of Bacterial and Fungal Microbes from the Rhizosphere of Shepherdia x utahensis 'Torrey' also known as Hybrid Buffaloberry. Hybrid Buffaloberry is a combination between two varieties native to the Intermountain West: Shepherdia argentea, a highly drought tolerant variety, and Shepherdia rotundifolia, a common more aesthetically pleasing variety. Both native varieties are well documented to have nodule forming microbes that help aid their development in such harsh conditions. We acquired our Rhizosphere sample by shaking the roots and nodules from our sample in a phosphate buffer and serially diluted it to a useful concentration. We then spread the dilution on five different media, each with a different isolation objective. From each media, we selected unique looking microbes and isolated them using the streak plate method. We will be testing each of these microbes for their effect on plant growth as well as for other plant promoting traits, such as Nitrogen fixation, Phosphate solubilization, Siderophore production, and Indole Acetic Acid production. We also hope to work towards understanding what causes nodule growth as well as discover how to induce their growth in other plant varieties.

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Logan, UT


intermountain west, microbes, plant growth, rhizosphere


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Isolation of Bacterial and Fungal Microbes From the Rhizosphere of Shepherdia utahensis 'Torrey'

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