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Give Us Back Our Books! An Analysis of Banned Books Week and Why 2022 Is Different Although many will argue that Banned Books Week is simply another event to spread awareness that occurs in a similar manner every year, this year seems to stand out. Throughout this research I strove to provide an overview of Banned Books Week and how it has arguably evolved up to this point. This argument is framed by analysis of texts surrounding this event that serve as secondary sources for its evolution. I also utilized interviews with professionals in the English field because they provide diverse perspectives on how the issues of Banned Books Week are impacting their careers and the students they work with. Surveys were collected from peers to provide a larger pool of qualitative data on experiences and opinions surrounding the issues of banning books. Through these multiple methods of research, I demonstrate that Banned Books Week has evolved over the years and 2022 will remain a defining moment in this event's history.

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Logan, UT


awareness, Banned Books Week, banning books, text analysis


Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Evolution of Banned Books Week