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What were the effects on children who were raised with companion animals? As someone who has grown up with companion animals most of my life, I wanted to learn what impact the animals had on my growth and development. The research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary resources. For this study, I looked at specific studies done on children that are surrounded by companion animals versus those that are not, using mostly Utah State's Academic Search Ultimate to find my sources. Raising a child with a domestic animal benefits a child in many aspects of their lives, including physical, social, and mental. Companion animals even improve a child's focus and reduce stress levels. Children should be raised with domestic animals for this very reason. Knowing the benefits of raising a child with a companion animal, parents can help their child grow to their full potential.

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Logan, UT


benefits, children, companion animals, growth and development


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The Effects of Raising a Child With Companion Animals

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