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This paper goes in depth about social media and the effect it has had on the mental health of youth in todays society. Compiling research from several peer reviewed journals and personal experiences, the conclusion reached seems to point that there is a correlation between social media and less emotional stability, toxic and harmful body image comparisons, as well as higher rates of depression depending on the amount of time spent on social media platforms. Although there are consistent studies demonstrating that social media has a negative impact, there are also studies showing that social media provides healthy outlets, more socialization with friends, as well as providing a platform for organizing social reforms and protests. The general consensus from the research in this paper points that longer screentime spent on social media drastically increases mental health problems, but short amounts of use and awareness is linked to more positive outcomes.

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Logan, UT


depression, harmful body image comparisons, mental health, social media


Arts and Humanities

Social Media's Effect on Youth