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In a modern society, Latinx culture is widely appreciated, respected, and celebrated. Though the line between appropriation and appreciation is constantly blurred by the growing commercialization, popularization, and expansion of the culture. Alongside the rapid spread of this beautiful culture, is the onset evolution of cultural appropriation. This can be seen in the celebration of Latinx holidays such as Dia de los Muertos, Cinco De Mayo, and even Beauty trends. The mass popularization of these holidays and practices has often taken away the meaning of each, leaving a feeling of our own culture being preempted before our own eyes. When an aspect of our culture is no longer a reflection of the community it represents, the concept itself has lost its meaning. Appreciation begins with understanding, especially the values our traditions hold. If it is not a benefit to the community it is not a benefit to the appreciation of a culture, therefore one must understand the significance of that event or aspect in order to understand the difference between appropriation and appreciation.

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Logan, UT


appreciation, appropriation, cultural significance, Latinx culture


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Appropriation VS Appreciation of Latinix Culture: Where Do We Draw the Line?