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This presentation aims to establish how the online alt-right phenomenon is a problem for the United States and propose multiple potential solutions to that problem.Evidence was gathered through online academic databases and media organizations' publications of personal accounts of people who have had encounters with the alt-right or experienced the problems it causes.The online far right is built on violence and extremism, far from mainstream American politics. In appealing to young American men through the alt-right pipeline, far right online communities are harmful to American society because of their spreading hateful messages against minorities and their promotion of violence, which has seen real world consequences. These problems can be addressed in the home, in public schools, and through government legislation.Through the limitations of this research being conducted online, testing proposed measures to combat the online alt-right phenomenon has not been possible, although experts attest to their potential effectiveness.

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Logan, UT


alt-right, extremism, harmful online communities, violence


Arts and Humanities

Addressing the Dangers of the Online Alt-Right