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When I started this project, I was hoping to learn if online school was more effective, or in person school was more effective. I was hoping to learn whether or not I should register for online classes next semester. At first, I was hoping that online school would be a better option, because of the flexibility it entails. Research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. For this study, personal accounts from the past and present online students shared their personal experiences with online learning. After conducting research, I have concluded that while online learning was a good alternative during the Covid-19 pandemic, it isn't an effective way of education and there are better ways to learn. I discovered that students have a hard time concentrating on their schoolwork when they participate in online school. If you decide to do online school, your screen time will increase. Too much screen time can cause issues with our eyes. Dennis Woods (2020) mentions, " classes have exposed us to high-intensity blue light that can cause multiple chronic and acute optical defects." And the social aspect of learning is important. Students like to be in person to get involved in school activities and to make new friends. Online schooling promotes bad mental health. According to an article written by High Focus Center (2020) "Online class structure can affect teens and adolescents by feeling heightened anxiety about keeping up to date with their schoolwork". Not all people have access to online learning. Students, as much as the flexibility sounds so nice, I concluded that the negatives outweigh the positives on this topic.

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Online vs In Person Schooling- Which is More Effective?