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Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase


Utah State University

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Heng Ban, USU Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and J.R. Dennison, USU Dept. of Physics


Nucleate boiling is a heavily researched form of heat transfer due to its associated high heat transfer rates. Applying two-phase heat transfer to space systems would allow these systems to become more capable, efficient, and compact. However, a fundamental understanding of boiling dynamics in the absence of buoyancy is yet to be developed. This study intends to analyze the effects of gravity, power input, and surface geometry during successive periods of microgravity provided by NASA’s “vomit comet” through the Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program.


Poster presented at Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase. PDF available for download from link above.

Acknowledgments: GAS Team; Dr. Jan Sojka (Physics); Dr. J.R. Dennison (Physics); Dr. Heng Ban (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering); USU Departments of Physics and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; SpaceX National Instruments; Space Dynamics Laboratory; Gil Moore; Quality Plating Company; Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium

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