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Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase


Utah State University

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Dr. Heng Ban, USU Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Heat management is a critical issue facing engineers of spaceflight systems. Nucleate boiling has high heat transfer rates, but further study is needed to apply this method effectively to a heat transfer system in a microgravity environment. The USU Get Away Special (GAS) team is conducting a series of experiments aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder" aircraft to further understanding of nucleate boiling activity in microgravity. Two specific focuses of the current experiment are determining optimal surface geometries of microheater arrays designed to induce nucleate boiling and constructing a lighting and video system to spatially and temporally resolve the anticipated jets of fine, high-speed bubbles. As we use these systems to collect and connect data, we expect to gain an increased understanding of the conditions, parameters, and applications of nucleate boiling in microgravity.


Poster presented at Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase. PDF available for download from link above.

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