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This report is published as a product of the National Waste Terminal Storage (NWTS) Program. The objective of this program is the development of terminal waste storage facilities in deep stable geologic formations for high-level nuclear waste, including spent fuel elements from commercial power reactors and transuranic nuclear waste for which the Federal Government is responsible.

The initial purpose of this study was to analyze and compare possible transport modes and corridors connecting each of four candidate sites in Utah with existing rail lines of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RG) or the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF). The primary use of these routes would be for shipping spent nuclear fuel and other nuclear wastes.

During the study, the Gibson Dome area was recommended as the preferred location by the screening process evaluating the four Utah areas. Therefore, this report presents transportation routes to Gibson Dome examining order-of-magnitude capital costs of railroad and heavy haul routes, railroad and heavy haul truck operating costs and environmental factors. The scope of work did not include consideration of using public highways. Information on the other candidate sites and possible routes to them is also presented.


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