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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District, contracted with Geo-Marine, Inc., to conduct archaeologial monitoring for a U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC) project on the Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR), which is under the jurisdiction of Hill Air Force Base and located in Tooele County, western Utah. Monitoring of ground disturbing activities associated with ACC development of Target TS-5-2 and a 2.5-mile dirt access road on the TS-5 (Wild Isle) area of UTTR was undertaken in January 2001. Additional target and access road development monitoring was conducted in July and August of 2001, and the results of this work is included as an addendum in this volume.

The TS-5-2 project area consisted of the target complex and the access road, both of which required construction. The removal of vegetation and a thin layer of soil, typically less than 2-3 feet below the surface, by a bulldozer was to be the primary impact. The monitoring objective was to assure that known sites were avoided and to verify that the nearby sites did not extend into the proposed roadway. Other monitoring considerations included heavy equipment activity outside of the intended roadway and future bombing at the target area. The results of the monitoring and geomorphological investigations indicate that development of the TS-5-2 access road and target area will have no effect on cultural resources.