Historic Porperties Report, Tooele Army Depot, Utah and Subinstallations, Tooele South Area, Utah and the Non-Tactical Generator and Rail Shops Division, Utah

Building Technology Incorporated
Historic American Building Survey / Historic American Engineering Record, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

Final Report


Tooele Army Depot, part of the U.S. Army Depot System Command (DESCOM), is an important ammunition and commodity, storage and supply faciity. The depot is located near the town of Tooele, Utah (35 miles southwest of Salt Lake City) on 24,732 acres of land. The installation has 1,459 buildings, mostly ammunition storage igloos or supply warehouses. The majority of these buildings were constructed during either World War II or the Korean War. Two subinstallations are included in this report: the Tooele South Area, located about twenty miles south of Tooele, and the Non-Tactical Generator and Rail Shops Division, located in Ogden, Utah. The Tooele South Area, situated on 19,364 acres of land, was originally constructed during World War II and is currently the most important chemical storage depot in the United States. It now has 246 buildings. The facility, which is operated by Tooele Army Depot, consists of a World War II railroad maintenance shop and ten other minor structures.

There are no Category I, II or III historic properties at Tooele Army Depot, the Tooele South Area or the Rail Shops Division.