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At the request of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, approximately 9,780 acres of the Mill Creek Canyon Wilderness Study Area (UT-060-139A) was evaluated for identified mineral resources (known) and mineral resource potential (undiscovered). In this report, the area studied is referred to as the "wilderness study area" or "the study area." Field work was conducted in 1988 to assess the mineral resources and resource potential of the area. No mineral resources were identified in the Mill Creek Canyon Wilderness Study Area. Placer gold is present in the eastern part of the study area but not in sufficient quantity to be considered a resource. Eolian sand and sandstone occur in the study area, but it is unlikely these will be developed. Oil and gas leases cover a small part of the study area; no geothermal resources are known to exist in the study area.


Open-File Report 90-516.