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Following detailed geological (Parry et al., 1976; Miller, 1976) and geophysical (Mase, Chapman, and Ward, 1978; Kilty, Mase, and Chapman, 1978) studies of the Monroe, Utah hydrothermal system, a program of drilling two intermediate depth test wells was undertaken. The objectives of the test well drilling were three-fold: (1) to obtain structural information bearing on the poorly know dip of the Sevier Fault, (2) to obtain temperature information below the shallow depths (approximately 300 ft.) sampled in the first phase of exploration, and (3) to provide cased wells during the production phase of the project. The test well drilling was seen to be vital to the selection of a site for a production well. This report describes the results from the drilling of the two test wells, designated MC1 and MC2, and offers interpretation of the hydrothermal system which may be used as a basis for selecting production wells.