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This document is the final technical report on the first phase of a multiyear archeological program conducted in Canyonlands National Park. Some of the purposes of this project are to gather information for upgrading the park's interpretive program, increase the scientific understanding of Canyonlands' prehistory, and prepare a research design to guide future investigations. Archeological inventory of 4500 acres in the Needles District revealed a previously undocumented Archaic occupation and showed that Formative peoples using the area were primarily the Mesa Verde Anasazi, not the Fremont and Anasazi as previously thought. The data also indicate that prehistoric peoples used the survey area on an intermittent basis, primarily to hunt, harvest wild plants, and procure local lithic resources. There is little evidence of horticultural activities. Finally, an uncorrected radiocarbon date of 3340 +- 100 years: 1390 B.C. was obtained from a site with Barrier Canyon Style rock art; the association is suggestive but more research is needed before the date is unquestioningly applied to the Barrier Canyon rock art.


United States Department of the Interior National Park Service Cultural Resource Series publication # 1. SuDocs call # I 29.86/3:1.