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In situ testing was conducted in the Gibson Dome No. 1 (GD-1) borehole in southeastern Utah at depths ranging from 954 to 1,507 m (3,130 to 4,945 feet). These tests were made in a number of salt strata to measure (1) stress-strain behavior of the borehole (hole "squeeze"); (2) short-term borehole creep; and (3) in situ stresses in salt strata. Laboratory triaxial strength and creep tests were conducted on core removed from GD-1 to provide engineering data under a variety of test conditions (stress state, strain rate, and temperature). Results of in situ and laboratory tests will be used to assist in estimating the maximum feasible depth for a repository in the Gibson Dome Area.


United States Department of Energy Contractor Research and Development Report. SuDocs call # E 1.28:ONWI-400.