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The methods used to perform the analyses in the environmental impact statement have been refined in the time since the environmental assessment was prepared. This occurred partly because of the larger number of naval spent nuclear fuel assemblies analyzed and the wider scope of sites and methods of storage to be evaluated, and partly because additional time was available to implement the refinements. In addition to refinements in the methods for performing the calculations, some minor changes in the calculational models were made in order to establish a high degree of consistency with the analytical methods used for the other DOE sites that are part of the environmental impact statement. This consistency is appropriate in some cases in order to establish common grounds for comparison of alternatives. The changes in the calculational methods make a direct comparison of the analytical results presented in the environmental assessment for naval sites with those in this appendix difficult.


United States Department of Energy Environmental Impact Statement. Sudocs call# E 1.20:0203-F/V.1/APP.D/PT.B .