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This Pre-Decisional Environmental Assessment documents the analysis of the Proposed Action, one action alternative, and the No Action alternative, developed for the Brian Head Resort Master Development Plan Project Area. The Proposed Action and action alternatives considered in detail are consistent with current management direction. Each alternative responds differently to the issues associated with the Proposed Action. The Proposed Action would provide for the acceptance of the Brian Head Resort Master Development Plan (MDP) Proposal that provides for changes to existing facilities and for additional facilities intended to promote the long term viability and use of the committed public and private resources at Brian Head. The proposed MDP provides for: Interconnection of Navajo and Giant Steps terrain for all abilities of skiers. Additional intermediate and expert ski facilities to provide balance with market segments. Permit boundary amendments adding 333 acres to the existing 405 acre Dixie National Forest Special Use Permit bringing the total to 738 acres to provide for MDP elements. Various lift, trail, snowmaking, and other guest facilities projects to improve quality and to provide services in balance with need. The proposed MDP accommodates approximately 272,000 skiers per year, and an average daily capacity of 4,791 SAOT (skiers at one time). The Brian Head ski terrain involves the commitment of both private and public lands. Currently, about 60% of the ski area is on private lands. The remaining 40% is on public lands. This MDP would change the mix to about 56% private and 44% public. The agency has identified the Proposed Action as the Preferred Alternative.


United States Forest Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement. SuDocs call # A 13.92/2:B 76/3 .