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The South Manti project area is located approximately 45 miles southwest of Price, Utah. The project area consists of approximately 24,597 acres of National Forest System lands within the southern portion of the Wasatch Plateau (Townships 19, 20, and 21 South; Range 4 East; SLM). This project was initiated in response to epidemic spruce beetle (Dendroctonus rufipennis) activity across the South Manti landscape. Extensive Engelmann spruce mortality has occurred as the result of epidemic spruce beetle populations. Representing over 10,000 acres, most of the spruce trees in the project area's Engelmann spruce-Subalpine fir cover type are dead or dying (70% of the spruce trees greater than 5 inches in diameter are dead, 90% of the spruce trees greater than 11 inches in diameter are dead). This Draft Environmental Impact Statement summarizes the analysis that was completed on the resulting alternatives considered for timber salvage harvest and related activities such as road work, road rehabilitation, and reforestation in the project area. This Draft Environmental Impact Statement also discloses the association of each alternative to the Agency's final interim rule of March 1, 1999, which temporarily suspends decisionmaking on road construction and reconstruction in many unroaded areas within the National Forest System until a revised policy is issued or 18 months from the effective rule date, whichever is sooner. The disclosure of information in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement is intended to provide a meaningful basis for public review and comment.


United States Forest Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Sudocs call# A 13.92/2:M 31/5 .