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This document is an environmental assessment (EA) of the proposal to modify A.V. Watkins Dam under the Safety of Dams (SOD) Act of 1978 (Public Law 95-578, as amended). The proposed SOD modifications would correct safety deficiencies of the dam without affecting the purpose or benefits of the dam. Specifically, the embankment and foundation of the dam need to be repaired. The repairs are needed to restore the reservoir to full function and to incorporate state-of-the-art defensive measures of controlling seepage within the foundation and embankment. On November 13, 2006, emergency remedial actions were taken at A.V. Watkins Dam when it was discovered that a foundation seepage erosion failure mode was in progress. There was a high probability of failure of the dam which could have resulted in the uncontrolled release of the reservoir and which could have resulted in loss of life. It is now critical to the Weber Basin Project (Project) that A.V. Watkins Dam be permanently repaired to allow the reservoir to fill to full capacity and restore Project benefits.