Reclamation: Managing Water in the West Park City and Snyderville Basin Water Supply Study Special Report

Bureau of Reclamation
State of Utah Division of Water Resources


Historically, water suppliers in Park City and Snyderville Basin have relied primarily on groundwater for their municipal and industrial (M&I) water. Because of the extensive development of the groundwater sources, there is concern that there may be limited potential for additional development of the groundwater as a reliable long-term water supply. The recent drought (1999-2004) has raised further questions regarding the quantity and reliability of the existing groundwater development within the Basin. This problem is being compounded by the continuous rapid growth in the Basin, which has become a highly desirable residential and recreational community. The purpose of this Park City and Snyderville Basin Water Supply Study is to evaluate the future water needs within the rapidly growing Park City and Snyderville Basin area and to formulate, compare, and prioritize options that could be pursued to provide for the M&I water needs expected through 2050. This report presents the findings and recommendations of the study.