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Western rangeland weeds such as yellow starthistle, leafy spurge, Canada thistle and Russian knapweed are causing tremendous losses to agricultural industries including both crop and livestock production. Concurrently, many public lands managed by federal agencies are being steadily invaded. As a result, these lands held in the public trust are experiencing reductions in commodity yields, recreational opportunities, biodiversity and ecosystem function. Consequently, every state in the West has noxious weed management programs that endeavor to enhance the financial and technical resources available for weed management and to assist in coordination across the diverse public and private land ownership mosaic common to the region. The opportunities for increasing cooperation and collaboration on information systems associated with western rangeland weeds are perhaps unique because of these circumstances. Thus, western rangeland weeds were selected by the Riley Memorial Foundation for special emphasis in exploring ways to enhance collecting, sharing and using information on invasive species.


Accession No. PB2001-107838