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The monitoring network has been described in the network reviews from 1982 through 2007. A complete description of each station is located in the station file at the Air Monitoring Center and is available upon request. This network review will focus on the adequacy of the existing network and the changes that are needed. The existing or proposed monitoring stations are reviewed to see if the objectives are being met. The most recent emissions inventories for each pollutant are reviewed along with ambient data gathered in the area and, when available, current computer air pollution dispersion modeling is also reviewed. The practicality of installing or maintaining a monitoring station at the current or proposed location is then reviewed with respect to the initial monitoring objectives, the available budget for monitoring, and the Division's monitoring priorities. A Network Modification Form is submitted to Region VIII of the Environmental Protection Agency prior to or as part of installing a new station. The network review process follows the requirements of 40 CFR 58.20(d).