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Unveiled in 1991, Operation Weed and Seed represents an ambitious attempt to improve the quality of life in America’s cities. The ultimate goals of Weed and Seed are to control violent crime, drug trafficking, and drug-related crime in targeted high-crime neighborhoods and to provide a safe environment, free of crime and drug use, in which law-abiding citizens can live, work, and raise their families. Weed and Seed, administered by the Executive Office for Weed and Seed (EOWS), is grounded in the philosophy that targeted areas can best be improved by a two-pronged strategy of “weeding” out violent offenders, drug traffickers, and other criminals by removing them from the targeted area, and “seeding” the area with human services and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Community policing is intended to serve as the “bridge” between weeding and seeding.


NCJ 175700