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This report, conducted by Statistical Research, Inc., under contract with the National Park Service, is a synthesis of research to date on the prehistoric and historical archaeology of the Utah Testing and Training Range, two U.S. Air Force training ranges under the jurisdiction of Hill Air Force Base. Results are presented in eight chapters. Topics include present and past environments, paleontological resources, a cultural-historical overview, previous research in the project area (including information on all archaeological resources known as of October 1998), and Native American concerns. This synthesis is used as the backdrop for a brief research design for both prehistoric and historicalperiod cultural resources. Salient prehistoric contexts include settlement and land use, cultural affiliation, lithic technology, and the evolution of Great Basin ceramic traditions. Historical themes include ranching, mining, transportation, Native American-Euroamerican interactions, government campaigns and exploration, Mormon settlement, and World War II-era use of the region. The report concludes with management recommendations. A glossary of key terms and an annotated references-cited section are also included. A popular version of this report is also available.