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The Murray Smelter Site ("the Site") is located in the city of Murray, Utah, in Salt Lake County as illustrated on Figure 1. The Site includes the former operational areas of the Murray Smelter and adjacent Germania Smelter which are referred to as the "on-facility" area., as well as surrounding residential and commercial areas where airborne emissions from the smelters impacted the environment or where contamination in shallow ground water may be transported in the future. These surrounding areas are referred to as the "off-facility" area. The on-facility area is approximately 142 acres. Its boundaries are 5300 South Street to the south, State Street to the east, Little Cottonwood Creek to the north, and the west set of Union Pacific railroad tracks to the west. The off-facility area is approximately 30 acres to the west of the on-facility area, approximately 106 acres south and southeast of the on-facility area., an: a small area between 5200 South Street and Little Cottonwood Creek to the east of the on-facility area. The west portion of the off-facility area is bounded by Little Cottonwood Creek to the north, 300 West Street to the west, 5300 South Street to the south, and the on-facility boundary to the east. The south/southwest portion is bounded by 5300 South Street to the north and Wilson Avenue to the south. The off-facility boundaries were determined by EPA based on the results of air dispersion modeling performed in November, 1994. The purpose of the modeling was to identify the area that potentially would have received the greatest amount of deposition resulting from lead and arsenic emissions from the Murray Smelter during its operating period. For environmental Sampling, risk assessment, and risk management purposes. the Site was divided into smaller areas to represent realistic areas of humar and ecological exposure. The 142 acre on-facility area was divided into eleven "exposure units" (EU's) and the 136 acre off-facility area was divided into eight "initial study zones" (ISZ's). The riparian area along Little Cottonwood Creek was delineated as the ecological study area.


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