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The RIMS program is designed "To provide SCD (Soil Conservation District) supervisory with adequate data about agriculture and related natural resources of their district and to use this data for district responsibilities" (Utah Department of Agriculture 1984). The department's guidelines for RIMS go on to describe SCD responsibilities for short and long-term conservation inputs into various state resource plans, giving direction to Agriculture Resource Development Loan fund programs, and giving direction to SCD programs. The guidelines emphasize the established institutional role of the SCD as a local body to deal with local resource issues in the context of a regional setting. The point is emphasized that the SCD is a legislatively created and recognized entity that integrates state, local, and federal agencies and interests. The RIMS guidelines also provide a sample list of the "Data Required to Meet Purpose" under the heading of soil, water, agricultural land, climate, livestock, and socio-economic base.


CRSC Report 84-8