Wildfire Recovery Tips for Idaho

Natural Resources Conservation Service


As more homeowners move into rural areas to get away from crowded urban areas, they can unknowingly place themselves in harm’s way. Building homes in wooded and/or brushy areas is visually pleasing, but homeowners need to be aware of the potential dangers from wildfire and how to protect their home sites. Homes even far away from a fire can still be impacted. Slopes left denuded by range or forest fires are especially susceptible to accelerated soil erosion, fl ash flooding and debris flows due to the absence of vegetation and roots to bind the soil. Home sites near waterways or on downstream slopes could also be susceptible. This publication contains some techniques, practices and information that homeowners can use to reduce the chances of damage from wildfires and related flooding events. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and your local conservation district are available to answer any questions and provide assistance.