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Archeological excavations in Dinosaur National Monument (DINO) were conducted at 5MF2645 (the Pool Creek Site) in 1988 and 42UN1724 (Juniper Ledge Shelter) in 1989. The information from these two sites, along with archeological data obtained between 1988 and 1992, have expanded our knowledge of the past 3700 years of human occupation in the DINO area. Juniper Ledge Shelter is a south-southeast facing rockshelter in the Jones Hole Ely Creek area of the monument. Excavation of a two meter square unit produced evidence of three occupational components and a Fremont burial of an adult female with associated artifacts. The upper two components at the site produced information on the Fremont/Numic transition, while the lowest component contained evidence of early corn horticulture. The Pool Creek Site is a Fremont open habitation site situated on a ridge northeast of Pool Creek, within the steep canyon system of the Green and Yampa Rivers. Excavations uncovered a Fremont pithouse with associated features and artifacts and a Fremont burial with the remains of an adult female and an infant.