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This book deals with the development of water resources Water, of course, has been one of the great factors tn the growth of the American West . Beyond the Wasatch details the process by which water flowing from the southwest drainages of northern Utah's Uinta Mountains was put to human use. The story belongs primarily to the first half of the 20th century, although parts of it extend to both earlier and later times. The water involved rises within the State of Utah, and its utilization had implications mainly for Utah. Development involved native Americans and the settlement of a new country by Anglo-Americans. It also involved bureaucratic contributions, application of technology and capital, and utilization of the legal and social institutions of water control. The story told in Beyond the Wasatch could be told from the perspective of any of these themes, but as it is presented here, water itself is central. In maintaining this focus upon water, this account provides a new and useful "angle of vision" that sets it apart from most earlier regional histories.