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Detailed geologic mapping, topographic profiling, and trenching are being conducted at selected sites along the Wasatch fault zone to measure the cumulative fault displacements in Quaternary strata of various ages and to obtain data regarding the amount of displacement per surface faulting event and the number and recurrence of faulting events that produced the cumulative displacement. These data are used to estimate the frequency of occurrence and magnitude of earthquakes associated with surface faulting along individual segments of the Wasatch fault zone. Investigations have been completed at three sites, the Kaysville, Hobble Creek, and Little Cottonwood Canyon sites. The results of the investigations at the Kaysville and Hobble Creek sites are discussion in our previous reports, which are listed in Appendix A. Detailed geologic investigations were conducted at the Little Cottonwood Canyon site during June, July, and October, 1979. This report presents our findings, interpretations, and preliminary conclusions based on our field investigations at the Little Cottonwood Canyon site.