Utah Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN)

S. Camille Anthony


The state of Utah, like all states and the federal government, has had a long-standing need to improve communication capacity in its emergency response and public safety system. As government entities strive to meet this priority in the National Strategy for Homeland Security, it is crucial that communication systems be interoperable. Ironically, the groundwork for establishing an interoperable communication system nationwide is dependent upon effective human communication and coordination among policy makers, homeland security professionals, first responders and technologists. Accurate and complete information, in the right hands at the right time, can prevent, deter or mitigate a terror event or other mass casualty event. As hosts of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah understood that communication was critical to incident command and control and created a world-class 800 MHz communication system to support that mission. Since the 2002 Winter Olympics, with the leadership of former Governor Olene S. Walker and hard work and dedication from multiple agencies, Utah has developed that basic Olympic communications blueprint into the Utah Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN). It is the nation’s first statewide, interoperable, wireless voice and data network and it is used every day by Utah’s public safety professionals.