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This report provides results and conclusions of a detailed investigation of ice processes in the main channel of the reach of the Green River between the downstream end of Split Mountain (River Mile [RM1] 320) and the Ouray, Utah Bridge (R.M248). The objective of the study was to examine the influence of daily fluctuations in water releases from Flaming Gorge Damon river ice processes in this reach, which serves as an overwintering area for endangered Colorado pikeminnow and razorback sucker. The objective of the study was met through examination of historical records of winter water and air temperatures, flow measurements, and ice observations; through measurements of differences in ice conditions under steady and fluctuating flow regimes; and through calibration and use of an ice process model to compare hydraulic and ice conditions expected under steady and fluctuating flow regimes.


Upper Colorado River Recovery Program Project No. 83 Final Report