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The Bureau of Reclamation is cooperating with the Idaho Department of Water Resources and others in the formulation of a comprehensive water plan for the conservation, development, management, and use of waters within the state's river basins. The impact that wetlands may have on the use of water in the state is a major consideration.

This report identifies opportunities that exist for private citizens, corporations, government agencies, and others to work together to slow the rate of wetland loss and to improve the quality of remaining wetlands. To work together effectively, these groups must reach an understanding of what comprises a wetland (a commonly understood definition and the criteria by which the definition is interpreted) and to understand the many mechanisms available for governmental and private protection of wetlands. To this end, the report attempts to provide the necessary information to help in understanding wetlands, existing programs and policies, protective mechanisms and options, and provide status and specific information on Idaho wetlands for consideration in the water planning process.


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