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Master of Science (MS)


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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Richard E. Toth


Richard E. Toth


On April 28, 1986 a proposal was presented to the Grand County Commission by Professors Toth and Nicholson. The proposal was an offer to assist the Moab/Grand County area in their efforts to focus on community revitalization, planning and economic development. The LAEP Field Service Program was to provide these services. Given the favorable responses of the commissioners, the city council members, and other community leaders, the "Moab Project" was established as a major long-term commitment for the Environmental Field Service Program. This study continues the "Moab project" by examining the feasibility of funding sources for the implementation of plan recommendations. It identifies the range, sources, and form of possible funds. Information for this report was obtained from three sources: questionnaire responses, analysis of illustrative material, and interviews with community development specialists. This study is intended to assist towns, like Moab, in identifing appropriate funding sources to assist in physical development. It will also survey the various financial programs available through federal and state governments.