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Master of Science (MS)


Environment and Society


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To grow up healthy, young people need support, love, and encouragement from caring, principled adults. They need homes, schools, congregations, and communities that are accepting, affirming, and safe (Roehlkepartain , 1997). Youth and Families with Promise (YFP), a mentoring program for youth-at-risk sponsored by Utah State University Extension, is one such community endeavor. The YFP program is offered as a community service with the goal of increasing social, emotional, family, and educational assets of youth between the ages of 8-14. The program is designed to improve the youth's chances of success and to increase their ability to become and remain positive contributing citizens in their community. To enhance the basic goals of the program, offering 4-H Summer Camp projects to these youth is consistent with the goals of the 4-H program in Extension