Date of Award


Degree Type

Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design


Fences, doors and windows indicate a point of intersection between inside and outside, public and private. These porous boundaries provide enclosure while also allowing access to an outside world. I am drawn to these divisions in space both as aesthetic and metaphorical objects. They are the point of departure for an exploration of the intersection between real and imagined worlds.

I am fascinated by the ways that my brain filters and interprets the outside world, which then takes root in dreams and the imagination. Certain structures and landscapes hold a specific symbolic power; while completely inanimate, they seem to mirror a part of my inner self. The two dimensional imagery in this exhibition is inspired by objects which spark this resonance. By combining this imagery with tangible, three dimensional objects, I intend to juxtapose imagined and actual space.

While many of the pieces in this exhibition have a functional nature, utility is not my primary concern. Rather, I am drawn to the formal and symbolic qualities of these objects. The forms are derived from shapes in architecture and furniture, and altered to imply movement and instability. It is my intention to communicate an impression of both containment and spaciousness.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 2, 2012.