Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

First Advisor

James C. Byden

Second Advisor

David S. Watkins


Since the introduction of Shannon's Entropy Function in a non-probabilistic setting [l], there has been an expectancy that it will provide a useful measure for the fuzzy cluster validity problem. We hope to demonstrate here (empirically) by Monte Carlo simulation that the entropy Hc(U) of fuzzy c-partitions (U) defined below has expectaction

E(Hc(U)) = ∑ck=2 1/k

and variance

Var(Hc(U)) = 1/n(∑ck=2 1/k2 - (c-1)/(c+1)(π2/6) - 1).

Furthermore, for sufficiently large n, that H is approximately normal.

In this report we propose a method which generates the required fuzzy matrix needed for the simulation. After we finish the simulation, we shall study the empirical distribution of Hc(U) at c=2 and 3 using statistical hypothesis testing.

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Mathematics Commons