Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

Committee Chair(s)

Rex L. Hurst


Rex L. Hurst


Statistical analysis of large data sets is commonly performed on computers using one of the many available programs. Most of these programs have been written for computers with internal storage large enough to handle nearly any data set. Recently, however, there has been a trend to computers with more limited storage capabilities. New programs must be written or old programs adapted so that large data sets may also be analyzed on these smaller machines.

This report describes a program to analyze data from a balanced experiment of crossed and/or nested design. It was written for the Data General Nova minicomputer of the Applied Statistics Department at Utah State University. It is a 16 bit machine with 32 K bytes of internal storage, a line printer, keyboard, CRT display, one fixed disk, and one removable disk unit. It is also equipped with two floppy disk units, although they are not used in executing this program. The Nova is connected by cable to a larger computer, a Burroughs 6700.

The program is called FCTCVRNVA. It is an adaptation of USU Statpac's FCTCVR written by Rex Hurst [2]. It performs analysis of variance, covariance, and multivariate analysis for an experiment with up to eight factors for balanced data sets only. The program is written in FORTRAN IV.