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Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

Committee Chair(s)

John Neely


John Neely


Dan Murphy


Jackson Graham


As an observer, I have enjoyed the momentary happenings of the world. In India, I have watched shimmering waves from the shores of the Bay of Bengal. In Utah, I have admired gleaming sunlight on freshly fallen snow on the mountains. Peering into the kiln at peak temperature I have been in awe of the bright white light. Close to my heart I hold the significant memory of my dog’s passing, who laid in my lap as the ball of light escaped her. I gather these fleeting moments, and carry them into my studio. I relive these happenings in my mind. It leads me to investigate the basic and fundamental forms found in nature. The idea that all of earth’s creatures have common patterns of geometry and structure captivates me. Are there forms that can successfully convey these attributes?

As a maker, I choose to use clay as my medium. As I sculpt and model clay, in turn, it shapes and molds me. I am drawn to vitreous porcelain because of the way in which it both absorbs and reflects light. I use many methods of construction, and embrace both traditional techniques and new technologies. On the one hand, I use my hands to build forms from coils of clay. On the other, I use a CNC machine to create models and molds for slip casting. Both these processes are repetitive in nature, commanding my attention in ways that are both meditative and contemplative. Each presents challenges; each demands improvisation.

As I have been shaped by my experiences and surroundings. I have evolved. This journey has revealed much. I have learned much by making. I have had opportunities to both gather and to share information. The world is, of course, transient, but this exhibition expresses my understanding of the world at this moment in time. In a word, I find it – LUMINOUS.


Would like to mention names of two committee members,

Todd Hayes and Dennise Gackstetter who were as instrumental in guiding me to this stage of work, along with the three advisors mentioned earlier.

Additional Files

Entrance and four panels.jpg (3310 kB)
Entrance to exhibition Luminous and four panels

Fibonnaci interpretation I.jpg (3805 kB)
Fibonacci interpretation I 14"x 48"

Cascade .jpg (5165 kB)
Cascade 32" x 48"

Platonic solids.jpg (4489 kB)
Platonic solids 34" x 48"

Hexagons Triangles and Squares.jpg (4418 kB)
Hexagons Triangles Squares 36" x 48"

Relinquish .jpg (3380 kB)
Relinquish 19" x 70"

Fibonnaci interpretation II.jpg (4987 kB)
Fibonacci interpretation 29" x 25"

Kekule's macromolecule I.jpg (5032 kB)
Kekule's macromolecule I 12" x 36"

Kekule's macromolecule II.jpg (4599 kB)
Kekule's macromolecule II 12" x 18" x 3"

Hive interpretation tealights.jpg (4840 kB)
Hive interpretation tea lights 18" x 15" x 3"

Waves from Impact commons.jpg (3528 kB)
Waves from one end of the gallery 5" x 620"

Waves panaroma.jpg (6323 kB)
Waves as panorama 5" x 620"

Waves detail 1.jpg (4059 kB)
Waves detail

180420_Antra and Miles opening-050.jpg (2538 kB)
Artist with cohort and teachers on reception

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Ceramic Arts Commons